On this Salesforce course, you will receive comprehensive training in managing the Salesforce instance, platform, database, application design, platform setup, automation processes, project management, and application development using Lightning, among other topics. 

Pre-requisites and Eligibility

There are no pre-requisites for Salesforce course. No special requirements are required to enrol in this Salesforce Developer or Administrator training course. This SalesforceDeveloper/Admin certification is open to everyone. However, a basic understanding of computer science technicalities and Basic knowledge of computer will be helpful but is not mandatory. Don’t worry; we will cover Pre-requisites in detail in our course.

Audience for this course

IT professionals , Software testers , System administrators , Solution architects , Security engineers , Application developers ,Integration specialists , windows Administrators, Java Developers, Data analysts and database administrators, Database Administrator, System architects, IT managers, IT administrators and operators, IT systems engineers, data engineers and database administrators, data analytics administrators, cloud, web engineers, Project Managers, Software Architects, ETL and Data Warehousing Professionals, Data Engineers, Data Analysts & Business Intelligence Professionals, DBAs and DB professionals, Senior IT Professionals, Testing professionals, Mainframe professionals, Graduates looking to build a career in IT Field and Aspirants looking to work as Salesforceprofessional can apply for this course.


Topic 1 : What Is Lightning and usage of it. Structure of lightning framework?

  • What is Salesforce Lightning and usage of it?
  • Enable My Domain in Your Development Org
  • What is lightning Component and its architectural flow

Topic 2 : How to develop a component/application and What is lightning bundle properties?

  • Create first lightning component and use in app , lightning bundle properties
  • Example code for First component

Topic 3 :Use of Inline CSS, External CSS, Lightning token and css Bundle to styling comp

  • CSS examples and Lightning token
  • Example code for using CSS
  • Example code using CSS with Lightning tokens

Topic 4: Lightning Component Attribute & expressions. Intro to SLDS, AuraLightning Component Attribute & expressions

  • Create Component with accepting dynamic value and render with conditional CSS
  • Introduction to Aura , SLDS and different resource and create a basic component
  • Additional Topic -Attribute and its syntax with example
  • Example code for Component Attribute

Topic 5 Invoke Server side code in component and Lightning navigation

  • Invoke Server side code and build a Display Contact component
  • Basic Debugging of the lightning component and apex method
  • Invoke server side code with passing parameter to Apex methods
  • Additional Topic – Create Contact Display component with server side code
  • Additional Topic -Invoke Server side code with aura navigation
  • Example code for Server side code invocation-1
  • Example code for Server side code invocation-2

Topic 6: What are Nested components and component composition in lightning?

  • Nested component and its usage with example
  • Let’s have theory of Nested Component and its attribute behavior
  • Example code for Nested Component

Topic 7: Navigation in lightning and component composition

  • Different types of Navigation and component composition
  • Example code for Lightning navigation
  • Example code for Lightning component composition

Topic 8: Lightning Quick Action And Lightning tab

  • Create lightning Quick action and lightning tab and use in record page
  • Example code for Lightning Quick action

Topic 9: Events in Lightning

  • What is Event and Example of component events
  • One more example of component eventsteps for creating event
  • Different types of Event and component event example
  • Component Event Example- Pass Account information from one component to another
  • Different system events and how to use it in lightning
  • Application event and its example
  • Application event , system event and its example
  • Event life cycle in lightning
  • Examples for Component Event
  • Examples for Application Event

Topic 10: Aura method to communicate from parent component to child component

  • Aura method to communicate from parent component to child component
  • sample code for aura method

Topic 11: Lightning Layout and its usage

  • What is lightning layout and layout item , how to use it
  • Example code for Lightning layout

Topic 12 :Lightning Data Table and its usage

  • How to show data in table- Lightning DataTable
  • Example code for lightning DataTable
  • Lightning DataTable with Its row level action
  • Example code for lightning DataTable With Row level Action

Topic 13: Server side pagination using lightning component

  • Let’s code lightning component for server side pagination
  • Code examples for server side pagination

Topic 14: Lightning Out- Expose component to outside of lightning/salesforce

  • What is lightning Out and how we can use to expose component out of LEX
  • Example code for Lightning out

Topic 16 :Lightning Data Service(LDS)- Standard controller for lightning component

  • LDS- Perform CRUD without code.
  • Code Examples of Lightning Data Services For Updating the Record
  • Code Examples of Lightning Data Services For Viewing the Record

Topic 17 :Creating and Destroying components Dynamically

  • Use of CreateComponent() and destroy() to create/destroy component dynamically
  • Example code for dynamically add one component
  • Example code for dynamically add nested component and destroy it

Topic 18: Test Your Component using Lightning Testing service

  • What is LTS?
  • How to use Jasmine test framework to test behavior of component
  • Sample Code used for LTS

Topic 19: Debug your Lightning component with Lightning Inspector

  • Debug your Lightning component with Lightning Inspector

Topic 20: Lightning App builder

  • Build custom pages for Lightning Experience using App builder

Topic 21: Use of Lightning Design Resource in component

  • Use of Lightning Design Resource in component

Know about your trainers team

  • Administrated and mastered by highly skilled industry experts with 15+ years of strong IT experience in leading MNC companies as Cloud Architect and Senior Technical consultant.
  • Having 10+ years of Industry experience, provided Salesforce Training to 40+ IT companies & 2000+ Students (Freshers and Working Professionals)
  • Both Trainers are certified by Salesforce.
  • 7 + years of delivering exceptional service to candidates in SalesforceTraining and placements. Trained and Placed over 3000+ professionals in Cloud in a single year.
  • Experience professional and Placement oriented instructional technical trainers.
  • Proven ability to plan and execute programs on time.
  • Knowledge of “current best practices” and the latest research in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning
  • Our Trainers have worked on a variety of on-going projects in their respective industries.


Week days batch

  • Class Room Training @ Anna nagar& OMR
  • Online Instructor LED Training for Other Locations
  • Online Video Recorderd Training sessions for Other Locations

Week end batch

  • Class Room Training @ Anna nagar& OMR
  • Online Instructor LED Training for Other Locations
  • Online Video Recorderd Training sessions Other Locations

Fast track batch

  • Class Room Training @ Anna nagar& OMR
  • Online Instructor LED Training for Other Locations
  • Online Video Recorderd Training sessions for Other Locations

Mode of training

  • Classroom Training
  • Online Instructor-Led Live Training
  • Online Video Recorded Sessions Training

Key features

  • 100% Placement guarantee
  • Job Oriented Real Time Training
  • Hands-on with 30+ Case Studies
  • Fast track placement mode
  • Managed and mastered by highly skilled Industry Experts
  • Dedicated and determined placement Cell which caters to the needs of the students during placement and helps them in getting selected.
  • Resume Preparation are provided to you as per current industry standards.
  • In Class you get hand on knowledge on each topic which is beneficial for value learning.
  • Projects are provided to make the students obtain practical knowledge.
  • Practical training is provided to the students to increase your chances of getting placed.
  • Salesforce credentials grow your resume and highlight your skills.
  • Prove your hands-on experience with Salesforce and get a competitive edge that leads to new opportunities.
  • Salesforce CRM Admin + Developer + Integration + Lightning + Wave Analytics
  • both Classroom Training and Online Training
  • Complete Career Guidance
  • Placement in Top MNC Companies
  • Support 24/7 * 365 days